Petition to get a better mobile phone signal for the Hamptons

The residents of Hampton are not satisfied with the current signal strength and 4G provision from their mobile phone providers. As a new township in the heart of Peterborough, that has been established for over a decade, it is felt that proper planning to eradicate the issues surrounding poor signal should have been carried out by now and that the residents are now calling on all the network providers to deal with this matter as with a sense of urgency.   

Please sign our petition today to help us demonstrate  that there is real local dissatisfaction with the current provision of mobile phone signal:

I/we the undersigned call on the various mobile network providers to solve the issues with poor signal in the Hampton area of Peterborough so that their customers are able to receive an adequate signal to make calls and that the 4G provision is also available throughout the area: 

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  • Christian Hogg
    published this page 2019-04-10 15:35:47 +0100